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Hi everyone! Welcome to our Year One Home Learning Page. Here, we will keep you up to date with what the children are learning in class and what you can do to support this further at home, including some handy resources to help. 

Currently, we are completing baseline assessments across school. These are to enable us to understand where each child is at, and to know where the gaps in their knowledge are so that we can deliver a quality recovery curriculum that enables every child to catch up. These assessments are not for anything other than for us to be able to plan appropriately so please do not worry about them!


This will be on Tuesdays with myself and Mrs Marriner, Thursdays with Lynn Drury (one of our sporting coaches) and Fridays for Enrichment. Please send your child into school dressed in their PE kit for health and safety purposes. PE is going to be mainly outdoors so please send your child to school in weather-appropriate clothes. It would be ideal if the children could bring a spare pair of footwear in case their trainers get muddy during these lessons.

Please keep checking back to see our latest content.

As always, thank you so much for your ongoing support! You have been absolutely amazing. If there is anything extra you think would be useful or you want to speak to me about anything at all, please do not hesitate to speak to me after school or just drop me a message on Class Dojo.

Welcome to Y1 home learning! 🙂

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Phonics Resources!

Maths! Week commencing 14.9.20

This week in maths, we have been looking at sorting objects (by size, colour, type and position!)

Phonics! Week commencing 21.09.2020

This week in phonics, we are being introduced to Phase 5!

The sounds we are learning include:

Monday: ‘ay’ e.g. day, spray, staying

Tuesday: ‘ou’ e.g. out, trout, pouting

Wednesday: ‘ie’ e.g. lie, pies, tried

Thursday: ‘ea’ e.g. sea, meat, heating

Friday: ‘oy’ e.g. boy, toys, destroy

Tricky words we are learning this week are: ‘Oh’ and ‘their’

Maths week commencing 21.9.20

This week in maths, we are focussing on and consolidating our counting skills! This includes counting forwards, counting backwards, finding one more or one less than a given number, and representing numbers.

some activities you can do at home:

Hide and seek (counting down from different numbers)

Making/manipulating your own number lines and using them to count forwards and backwards.

Building towers

Card games (higher or lower card game, choose a card and count forwards or backwards starting from that card’s value.)

Action instructions, such as, jump one more than 7 times. How many times did you jump?”

English week Commencing 28.09.20

As part of our topic, (The Great Fire of London) we are focusing on our class book – Vlad and the Great Fire of London. This week, we are going to begin investigating the purpose of diaries, and the use of Samuel Pepys’ diary to teach us all about the Great Fire of London, with the aim of writing our own diary entries from the point of view of Boxton the rat! Additionally, we’re going to be doing some of our own baking with our very own Mary Berry Marriner! This is to consolidate the children’s knowledge of where the fire started on Pudding Lane. We’re also going to be burying some precious possessions on our school field to dig them up next week and see how they’ve kept! Just like the people of London did in 1666!

Phonics week commencing 28.09.20

This week in phonics, we are recalling our phase 3 and newly learnt phase 5 graphemes and are being introduced to 5 more! These include:

Monday: “ir” e.g. birthday, bird, sir

Tuesday: “ue” e.g. Sue, blue, glue

Wednesday: “ue” e.g. rescue, statue, cue

Thursday: “aw” e.g. saw, claw, lawn

Friday: “wh” e.g. when, which, wheel

Our tricky words are “Mr” and “people”

Maths week commencing: 27.09.20

This week in maths, we are still consolidating our counting skills and place value. This includes all of last week’s learning, including one-to-one correspondence, comparing objects and introducing “greater than” and “less than”.

Phonics week commencing 5.10.20

This week in phonics, we are recalling our phase 3 and newly learnt phase 5 graphemes and are being introduced to 5 more! These include:

Monday: ‘ph’ e.g. phew, elephant, dolphin

Tuesday: ‘ew’ (yoo) e.g. newer, jewels, stew

Wednesday: ‘ew’ (oo) e.g. grew, blew, sewer

Thursday: ‘oe’ e.g. Joe, tomatoes, goes

Friday: ‘au’ e.g. haunted, flaunt, Santa Claus

Tricky words: ‘looked’ ‘Mrs’

English week commencing 5.10.2020

This week in English, we are using our senses to think about what Boxton the rat would have seen, heard, smelt and felt during the Great Fire of London. We are going to continue planning, writing, reading and editing our diary entries focusing heavily on vocabulary, our senses and historically accurate facts.

Maths week commencing 5.10.2020

Monday: Introducing greater than, less than and equal to. (< > =)

Tuesday: Comparing numbers

Wednesday: Ordering objects

Thursday: Ordering numbers

Friday: Ordinal numbers

Year 1 Phonics screening

As part of your child’s formal assessment, they will undergo a phonics screening test which will determine their ability to blend and read words. As part of this assessment, they are exposed to both Real words and “Alien words” (nonsense words). Below, I’ve attached examples of a mixture of real and alien words that contain different digraphs and trigraphs which you can practice at home with your child.

Phonics week commencing 12.10.2020 – This week is a very challenging week in phonics! We are learining out split-vowel digraphs! These are vowels that are split by another letter. for example: a_e in ‘snake’ ‘make’ and ‘bake’.

Monday: ‘ey’ (alternative grapheme to ‘ee’) e.g. ‘keys’ ‘monkey’ ‘honey’

Tuesday: ‘a_e’ (alternative grapheme to ‘ai’ and ‘ay’) e.g. ‘snake’, ‘make’ ‘bake’

Wednesday: ‘e_e’ (alternative grapheme to ‘ee’ ‘ea’ and ey’) e.g. ‘evening’ ‘Steve’ ‘extreme’

Thursday: ‘i_e’ (alternative grapheme to ‘igh’ and ‘ie’) e.g. ‘dive’ ‘survive’ ‘time’

Friday: ‘o_e’ (alternative grapheme to ‘oa’) e.g. ‘home’ ‘phone’ ‘bone’

Tricky words: ‘called’ ‘asked’

Maths week commencing 12.10.2020

Monday & Tuesday: Ordinal numbers (1st. 2nd, 3rd etc.) Good activities would be looking at the days of the week or months of the year! “What’s the 4th month of the year?” We’ve been incorporating our maths into our PE lesson today by running races and looking at who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

Wednesday: Using numberlines

Thursday: Part-whole model

Friday: Fact Families

English week commencing 12.10.2020

This week, we are finalising our diary entries! Following this, we’re going to dig up the cheese we buried last week, only to discover it’s missing?! BUT WHO STOLE THE CHEESE?! There will be a week of investigations leading up to the answer to that very question. The children examine clues and learn about the characteristics of a person who is willing to steal! We will then be producing our own ‘Wanted’ posters of the culprit! The game is afoot!

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