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Parents Survey Results

Parent comments

Focus on wellbeing and sport / exercise is a big positive

We all massively appreciate the warm welcome the children all have entering school in the morning. Any friendship issues have always been dealt with well by the school.

Our girls are always so excited to attend school and see their teachers & peers.

My child is exceptionally happy at Hutton Rudby.

The school is fantastic and the teachers are very supportive and helpful.

HRPS supported my child brilliantly during the COVID lockdown – and us as his parents working in the NHS. All teachers were responsive to his needs, worked really hard to ensure our child was happy and “stretched” in subjects and have generally given him a fabulous primary school experience through all his years.

Think they’ve felt the pressure of the increased work load after going back this time and haven’t been enjoying school half as much as they used to.

Both very happy

It has been a joy to watch my son gain confidence since starting school, I’m sure this is due to the commitment of staff.

Both children are really happy. They talk about what they have been doing and look forward to going to school.

It’s a happy to school to be at.

Both children are very happy and settled in the school.

The approach by the school is greatly appreciated during such authoritarian times!

Miss Palmer’s quality of teaching, culture, leadership and friendship groups.

Since joining the school he has calmed down and grown in confidence. He now feels safe and happy.

My son loves school.

The effort put into trying to settle my daughter in school has been exceptional.

They both love their teachers and are happy going to school everyday!

My daughter loves everything about school except for her conversations with the children who take issue with her belief that cats are the most amazing pets to have.

My son is very happy but sometimes feels anxious to come into school because of the traffic light system that is in place for behaviour.

All 3 of my children absolutely love coming to school every day.

Supportive teachers and positive atmosphere.

Sometimes my son doesn’t feel safe but this is more to do with his sensitivity than any inadequacy at school. Staff have been v responsive to any concerns raised and dealt with them promptly and professionally

HRPS is a very safe school – safe in its culture, set up and response to issues. Only suggestion might be the level of supervision of play times

Some longstanding concerns re supervision during outside playtimes

He knows the teachers will always keep him safe

We have had no issues with school safety

There have been issues of children, possibly with additional needs, disrupting class. We appreciate that 1to1 assistance is not always available and large class sizes can be challenging.

Good behaviour is a strong point of the school and the kids overall are confident, courteous, fun, happy and full of energy. Coming back from 2nd COVID lockdown was difficult for everybody and John found it a little distracting from work but the school were great in creating quiet space in the library should he need it

Not much feedback about our own children’s behaviour, and perception from children that different rules apply towards different children

He feels there are some pupils who spoil the learning of others. However sanctions are followed and the school does its upmost to continue high standards.

Good traffic light system

I have no concerns regarding behaviour for either children

There is a consistent approach to behaviour management which is evident throughout the school and the school has very high expectations.

During Covid this has been via messages or video, looking forward to face to face interaction when able to.

Covid has significantly affected curriculum

Miss Palmer has exceeded my expectations, despite all of the obstacles she has had to deal with – in relation to the current pandemic. Above all, Miss Palmer is caring and nurturing. This is especially important for the children during such difficult times. I really can’t praise Miss Palmer enough.

It would be useful to know what he should know by the end of the year. For example, what times tables and spellings etc.

Scheduled parent/teacher meetings help with this.

In previous years yes, but obviously with COVID focus has been elsewhere.

Regular information received through school re what they are learning

Knowing the topics and spellings in advance is helpful

We have a top line understanding in terms of maths and phonics. PE seems to be high priority which we agree with too

Would appreciate a summary each week or term of goals/lessons to be learned – when in lockdown learning was on the website and it was great to see what the classes were doing each week so as a parent you knew what to focus on to support this. As a parent who does not often attend school to pick up this helped feel involved in the learning rather than removed from what was happening.

This is massively helpful for home discussions

The termly topic grid is really useful to see what the children will be learning.

It would be useful to know where they should be by the end of the year. For example, most students in Y3 should know times-table x4, 6 and 7, be able to spell certain words and add fractions etc. Useful to know where they are in relation to others and / or own ability and what we can do to further develop these skills.

I think school nurtures the children to do their best and maintain the school values without making them feel under pressure

The catch up classes and ongoing review of progress are very useful

I feel that if my children are ‘on track’ with learning they are not always encouraged to attain higher standards. I appreciate that in such large classes more attention is needed when children are finding work more difficult.

Don’t really know as it’s been a funny year and without proper parents evenings it’s been hard to gage

Levels of expectation seem to have reduced in recent years (as a parent since 2010)

My child feels challenged and pushed to do better with an equal measure of excellent support and encouragement.

I feel the school (teachers) expectations are based on the child’s development and interests and are realistic. I discovered this when discussing issues with Yahyas teacher as sometimes parents can feel under pressure putting undue stress on child to learn tasks.

I think the school has a strong work ethic and support the children with this- I think it’s important that this is individual to each child as they progress at their own level

You educate the whole child very well and the areas of interest are catered for eg music and plenty of activity – my son has become much more active

We get good feedback in the School Home Diary

This is exactly how every school should feel about every child.

I feel like all 3 of my children are challenged and encouraged to be the best they can be.

All our children enjoy and have a thirst for learning and reading.

Good teachers, positive ethos, good opportunities

Difficult to be certain as Yahya is very young but he seems coming home and sharing some great learning experiences.

I think they are both doing as well as they can. I think Amie would benefit from further investigation and possible intervention re her learning needs as unfortunately this was stopped due to covid through the council.

Any worries I have are instantly quashed because the teachers go over and above to help with any problems

The children have made excellent progress since joining the school.

Excellent communication from Mrs Trevis even though I’m unable to drop off or collect my child

Miss Palmer is very good at keeping me informed – even sometimes providing updates on a weekend/evening. We really appreciate the support provided by Miss Palmer. She is a real asset to the school.

We’d value more regular updates or comments in home school learning book if possible

Teachers are excellent at sharing positive achievements of both my children.

good communication with teachers. Class dojo helpful

I enjoy the communication methods as they are convenient; since, not always remember to address issues before and after school pick ups.

Communication from Miss Martin during Home Schooling was exceptional. I think my rating is just because that was so good, it’s probably difficult to maintain in normal operating!

I think the meetings re Amie and her learning within school has been really helpful

Very responsive and approachable staff

The diary system could be used more, have no idea of doing well, except the annual parents evening which is very time pressured

Staff are always approachable to chat at anytime.

Communication from reception class has been exceptional. Think the use of class dojo by both years to communicate is a great improvement this year.

Are we getting another virtual parents evening?

Dojo, parents evening and emails mean that communication is better than it’s ever been at the school

Good feedback at parent’s evenings and end of year reports.

Teachers are excellent at highlighting the positives.

Class Dojo has been very helpful for communicating with the teachers on small questions where arranging a meeting is not necessary

It would be good to have more regular contact and progress updates

More regular feedback as to how my children are doing, would be appreciated, especially any areas where more assistance at home would help. However, we have found teachers are always very open and accommodating to requests for talks.

I think the school’s hands are tied due to the curriculum they are subject to follow.

Good PE/ ICT/ music opportunities

Good range of enrichment and after school activities.

It does seem that the children are doing some form of exercise every day which seems a lot for primary school age, although this does not bother my child I can imagine it may make life unpleasant for those that don’t enjoy the sessions.

Yes, Yahya always finds he is taught about his interests i.e animals and science magic.

I think the children are learning everything they need to I have no concerns regarding this

Particularly pleasing is music and PE . Love it

Lots of focus on STEM subjects which is perfect

A very varied curriculum with a good emphasis on developing the whole child, not just focussing on maths and English.

After school options are good.

It is good to see more subjects being offered again as Covid restrictions ease.

I’d love to see more arts and language provision. Sports coaches are regularly at the school, if there could be art or language instead sometimes, that might be great. The STEM teaching is a wonderful thing, as is the science and sports weeks.

Would it be possible to consider a computing / coding based after school club, or baking or something else for those less interested in sport?

The clubs have been great for Edward in Year 5. He’s loving skateboarding in particular!

The increased variety of afterschool clubs is wonderful.

Good range of clubs, and we appreciate staff giving up time to run clubs

Great that Reception has the option to try an After School activity

I think the activities after school and provision of this is great

He is looking forward to these eg minecraft and warhammer

Most clubs are sports based – something science / games based (board games, minecraft etc), or arty/creative – would be good for non sporty kids but only ever seems to be a non sporty option available for year 5 and not any other years. Or different sports rather than the usual football / netball / dance / running – how about basketball, dodgeball, cricket etc? Is a shame multi sports is only for younger years.

The clubs on offer are brilliant for enriching and developing skills.

Lots of clubs available.

The above statement is widely true. There is a warm, encouraging and respectful atmosphere at school. However, we have come across several incidences in PE where there has been a closed mind set to sporting ability. My child being told, in front of the class, that they can’t catch a ball.

Interpersonal skills etc

Outside school activities are very much supported, shared and encouraged

We have found all staff extremely approachable and have confidence that they have the bst interests of all children at heart.

Mrs Trevis, Mrs MGurk and Mrs Marriner couldn’t be more friendly and welcoming.

Excellent staff

Mr Kelly sets a very good example to the rest of his team and is generally always present in the playground along with other members of staff (even in the rain and snow!).

Much harder to speak to class teachers since drop off/ collection arrangements changed. However, staff are very helpful if we have e-mailed to ask to speak to teachers. All teaching staff have been excellent with our children.

Everyone is extremely helpful. Mr Kelly and teachers very visible

Can never fault any of the staff

I think all of the staff are really friendly and approachable

They really care

Excellent team from what we’ve seen

Teachers are always available before or after school, or on class dojo for queries

There is a very open door feel to the school with staff available to talk to on the gate in the morning and also to communicate with via ClassDojo

Very approachable.

We would appreciate more faith-based values being incorporated into school life – difficult when assemblies can’t take place but we’re not aware of any collective worship taking place currently

Common sense, kindness, care – all excellent

The school teaches the children to ‘work together’ and it takes steps to reward the whole class when they do this well.

Mr Kelly is very approachable and seems to know the names of all the children – how he remembers them all, I have no idea! But it certainly makes the children feel special.

Especially through Covid

visible leadership.

Staff are as one. They share the vision

Staff including Mr Kelly very present.

See comment above – Excellent team from what we have seen

Mr Kelly has an amazing hardworking team supporting him, from the teachers to reception staff the school runs very smoothly

The school is very well managed and it is evident that their is a strong and effective leadership team in place.

Over the last lockdown particularly the school was really supportive and understanding during hone schooling

My nephew attends the school and he is currently experiencing various difficulties in terms of his emotional, social and learning development. This has been such a worry for us a family. Mr Kelly and other members of his team have been fantastic in their approach to support my nephew and sister. As a family, we have been overwhelmed by the efforts made by Mr Kelly, Miss Martin and especially, Mrs Trevis.

Staff know children well and show concern for their situations

I feel the school looks after us as a family

Yes, throughout lockdown we were constantly reassured that mental health wellbeing comes first.

They know everyone and we know you too

This has never been more evident than over the past year

Good updates via dojo and email

In my experience, school have always shown an interest in the wellbeing of the family members of each child as situations may arise. And the schoolchildren and parents will reciprocate as far as is appropriate with members of school staff. The school has a very caring ethos.

I think the staff take the time to get to know the children and really care about their well-being.

The zoom classes were a good balance of continuing the children’s education without placing huge demands on parents

The first lockdown was difficult with less guidance but January to March was much more structured and enjoyable!

We, as 2 hospital doctor parents, have been extremely impressed and appreciative of the school flexibly accommodating our children in key worker school. There was always a secure, safe and happy atmosphere at school, which made a big difference to our children and us.

The support from School has been incredible during the pandemic. Thank you.

Excellent support for children whose parents who were key workers. Stability and consistency provided for children.

As a family, we have been completely overwhelmed by the efforts made by the teachers, Head Teacher and reception staff. I really cannot fault the school or the staff. They have all gone above and beyond to maintain contact with the children, promote learning and above all, make them feel safe during such a difficult time. They all deserve a pay rise!

HRPS were simply fabulous through the COVID times providing support for so many kids in the area

Managed to adapt quickly and communicate clearly with families

We have only been at this school since post lockdown, so cannot answer.

Think there should been stricter management of the congregation of parents in the playground at school close. Some afternoons were hectic.

Given the unprecedented situation over the past 12 months plus, I think Mr Kelly and the staff have been superb, from communication to welfare, they have gone above and beyond.

I think the way the school managed the situation with covid was excellent and a huge support for me and my children to enable me to continue working

The school always did their best for the children during the pandemic.

We’ve been so relieved to have such great key worker provision, so we could continue work.

Home learning opportunities were excellent during 2nd lockdown

We have really appreciated school’s support and input, going many extra miles to offer childcare and support in 1st lockdown, and maintaining both class and online teaching in 2nd lockdown. Online teaching in 2nd lockdown was excellent, good balance of Zoom teaching time and supported independent work at home

We only joined this school after the lockdowns, so cannot answer

Online learning everyday was brilliant

Great having phonics lessons every day

Excellent remote live lessons with a good amount of follow up work set, whilst not being too much. Parents left to chose how best to manage this alongside their own work commitments showing good understanding that there isn’t one size that fits all.

The school provides additional support but it is the curriculum which does not ‘fit’ my son’s learning style or personality. This would be the same at any other school, so not specific to Hutton Rudby as such.

Cannot fault the help and support that is given

Other comments made by parents

Thank you to all staff and teachers for their hard work and for making school such a fun place for the children

I would to say how grateful we are to Mrs Trevis and her year 1 for making my child’s reception and year 1 class so wonderful. He has made amazing progress. We think it is great how welcoming Mr. Kelly and his SLT team are. If there was ever any issues, we would never hesitate to chat to any member of senior management. Thank you to Mr. Kelly how flexible he has been through the COVID period and how smooth the transition has been for my child. I would recommend the school to any parent and we feel very privileged to send our son there. I will be looking forward to sending my second child in 5 years time!! Thank you

Excellent school & staff

As already mentioned – Hutton Rudby is a fantastic school with very talented and nurturing teachers. My son is not ‘happy’ in school but he is clear that this is not because of the teachers or children but in his words…the ‘work’. My child thoroughly enjoys the practical aspects of learning and he adores the sport. Hutton Rudby school provides excellent opportunities and the teachers make an effort to try and be creative as they possibly can. I just hope the Head Teacher never leaves because Mr Kelly has put together a great team of teachers who appear to genuinely want the best for the children.

Thank you to all the staff for your hard work and enthusiasm – we are very grateful to all of you.

Couldn’t ask for a better school with brilliant teachers very happy

My children started at Hutton Rudby after the Easter holidays. We couldn’t have asked for a better start. The children have been made to feel so welcome and they feel that they have always been at this school. Thank you

It has been a joy to watch my child develop in confidence and I’m 100% sure this is due to Miss Clark in Y3 and now Miss Templeman in Y4. Thank you.

Great school and excellent teachers- thank you!

I think the leadership & culture of the school are fantastic. I am really grateful my children are able to develop in this forward thinking, caring environment. Thank you

Excellent approach to children and their families which is greatly appreciated!

I am so glad my son has joined. It has literally changed our lives as a family. I thought I was going to have to home school him which would mean him missing out socially. You support him in every way imaginable and we are so very , very grateful

Thank you to everyone, my children are happy and content at school and that’s all we ever want for them.

My daughter has thrived in the care of the school, and it is a joy to see her develop over the past 2 years she has been attending.

I have been very satisfied and impressed with the school, teachers, learning etc etc ever since my 1st child started at Hutton Rudby PS!

It’s an amazing place and my boys are very happy there! The new reading scheme is great.

We’re very happy with the school, it’s been a really tough year but every teacher is still smiling and everyone is still helpful. The clubs and activities have all appeared back on the timetable and Izzy looks forward to school every single day. Thank you to all.

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Osted Outstanding
ICT Mark
Healthy Schools
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Arts Council
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