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PE and Sports Funding

School Sports Premium Plan 2020/21

School Sports Premium Plan 2018-2019


Hutton Rudby Primary School PE and Sport review 2017/18

Hutton Rudby Primary School

PE and Sport Review 2017-2018




This year has been another successful year for PE and Sport at Hutton Rudby Primary School.

PE and Sport plays an integral part of our school life and the Sports Premium has helped us to ensure that our pupils leave our primary school physically literate and with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.

We have continued to work hard on raising the profile of PE and Sport across our school during 2017-2018 and have worked very hard to achieve our goals:

  1. For all children to be engaged in regular and structured physical activity – kick starting healthy active lifestyles
  2. To increase participation and enjoyment in regular exercise and sport
  3. To broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to our children
  4. For increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all children in physical activity and of all staff in teaching PE and sport


Sports Week July 2018

A wide range of activities were organised during this exciting week of sport to contribute to the children’s balanced, healthy and active lifestyles. The children learned about how different activities affect their fitness, health and feelings about themselves.

Our Sporting opportunities were all inclusive and opened to all our pupils:

Modern and Contemporary Dance







Wheelchair Basket Ball

Skip 2b Fit

Inflatable Assault Course




Schools Sport Partnership

The Sports Premium has provided more success for our children this year. We have continued to attend all sports events and competitions as part of our schools sport partnership and have achieved very well.  Transport to these events was funded through the Sports Premium throughout the year where it was required both locally and further afield.


Our sporting successes have included children from KS1 and KS1 participating in competitive sport at:

The Youth Games:

Netball Team – This year, our Netball Team won the Yorkshire Finals at Sheffield

Y4 Tennis Team

Cross Country Team

Gym Finals all 3 Key Steps (KS1 and KS2)

Boys Football – National League under 11’s and Northern Regional Finals

 Hambleton Events:

Cricket Team

Y5 Tennis Team

Tag Rugby Team

Sports Hall Athletics

Our KS1 children have also taken part in Sporting events organised through the Sports Partnership. Our Year 2 enjoyed a morning of keeping active and enjoyed learning how to play cricket. Other cluster events have included KS2 taking part in Dodgeball (Y4) Aqua Splash (Y3) Swimming Gala (Y6). School Swimming continued this year and we were able to offer sessions for KS1 (Y1, Y2) and KS2 (Y3, Y4).

Sporting Visitors into School

This year we welcomed the Middlesbrough Footballer George Friend to Hutton Rudby. The children learned about the importance of health and well being when exercising and being a professional footballer.





Sports Clubs We have continued to provide arrange of outstanding clubs for our children in KS1 and KS2 which are run both internally and externally.  Our children have had the opportunity to engage in a range of different sports including:

Activity Day /Time Year Group
Dance (Hall) Emma Monday 3.15-4.30 Y3,4,
Football Mr Johnson Tuesday 3.15-4.30 Y5, Y6
Netball Mrs Dury Wednesday x 2 sessions Y5, Y6
Running DF Coaching Tuesday  3.15-4.30 Y2,3,4,5,6
Table Tennis Thursday 3.15 -4.45 Y5, Y6
Gymnastics (Hall) Tuesday 3.15-4.30 Y1,Y2
Gymnastics (Hall) Friday x 2 sessions Y3,Y4,Y5,Y6


Sports Coaches We have provided high quality PE lessons this year and have offered a variety of sporting opportunities and skills in Football, Gymnastics, Dance and Yoga. All our Sports Coaches have worked alongside our staff providing CPD in order for our staff to develop their teaching skills in PE and Sport.


Hutton Rudby Primary School PE report 2016/17

It has been another great year of sport at Hutton Rudby Primary School. As well as many of our children representing our school in team events organised through the Stokesley Schools Sports Partnership, we offer our children a wide range of extra curricula sporting opportunities, including:

Football Club
Table Tennis Club
Gymnastics Club
Netball Club
Multi Sports Club
Ballroom Dancing Club
Modern Contemporary Dance Jazz Club

We have also offered the children the opportunity to participate in whole school sporting events and to meet a Sporting Athlete and Footballer.
Sporting Visitors in School.

Patrick Bamford
We were very lucky to receive a visit from Middlesbrough Player Patrick Bamford. All the children were inspired by a wonderful talk by Patrick in a very special Assembly.

James Denny
This year we took part in a Sponsored Circuits session led by the GB Diver James Denny. All children and staff from Reception through to Year hard on their circuits.

DF Coaching
This year Reception and Years 1 and 2 have had weekly Football Skills Sessions led by a Football Coach that they have thoroughly enjoyed. The children have developed their balls skills and teamwork and most importantly have had lots of fun!


Sporting Achievements 2016-17
(Participation in Competitive Sport)

Hambleton District Council Sports Award 2016: School Award
This award recognises a school that sees PE and sport as a true benefit and celebrates this. A school that provides all children with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.

Cross Country
Our first sporting competition was held at Stokesley School for Years 3 – Year 6 on a very wet day, great conditions for Cross Country. Our children were not put off by the weather and all had a great time and were very successful. Many children went through to the Hambleton Finals at Knayton. Six children qualified for the Youth Games that took place on a cold but sunny autumnal day at Dalby Forest.

This year we entered children from Year 2- Year 6. All gymnasts worked extremely hard on their routines and won! Following this cluster event, the children went through to represent our school at the Hambleton Finals. With another success, the children returned to school with Gold Medals! Having won this event, the children went through to the Youth Games and won more medals ranging from Gold and Silver.

School swimming
This year school swimming has been offered to Y1 – Y5. All children have enjoyed this opportunity. In addition to school swimming, Year 3 have taken part in the Schools Cluster Aquasplash Event and Year 6 had great fun at the Cluster Swimming Gala.

Following successes at both Stokesley and Hambleton our Football Team went through to the Youth Games. A big well done to our Footballers for their great sportsmanship during the final games!
Girls Cluster Football: Our Year 6 Girls Team played extremely well during their matches.

We have had many strong Netball Players this year who have developed their Netball Skills throughout the year. Working well as a team, the children won our Stokesley Cluster event and went through to represent the school at the Hambleton Finals in which they won. We are now waiting for the Youth Games.

Our Cricket Players have played extremely well this year and represented our school at the Stokesley Cluster event that they won. Following this event, they went through to represent our school at the Hambleton Finals where they came second.

Tag Rugby
This year, Tag Rugby events have been held for Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6. All our children have enjoyed learning to play Tag Rugby and have had great fun!
Our Year 6 Rugby Players played very well at our cluster event in which they won and then they continued to play well at Hambleton coming in second place.

Our Quicksticks team have enjoyed playing this year and competed very well against our cluster schools, winning their first competition.

This year our Tennis Teams have played very well, winning our Cluster Event and the finals at Hambleton. The children are now looking forward to playing at the Youth Games.

Year 4 enjoyed the very first Stokesley Dodgeball Fun session. Great teamwork and sportsmanship was shown throughout the session.

Sportshall Athletics
This year was the first year we have entered this competition at Stokesley and we won. The children all tried their very best and had a great afternoon. We went through to the next round at Easingwold and competed very well.

This year our Key Stage 1 classes have competed in all the Stokesley Cluster Events. From a fun Multi Skills session and Tag Rugby session to a fun game of Rounders in the Summer Term. The children have thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to attend theses sporting events.


This July we introduced our very first Hutton Rudby Primary School Sports week. As part of our Sports Week, we provide the children with the opportunity to learn new skills in a range of sporting activities such as Wheelchair Basketball and Judo to name but a few. This is a themed collapsed curriculum week incorporating PE, Science and PSHEC and is intended to promote healthy lifestyles and exercise across the curriculum. Our Sports Week timetable can be found in our school news section on the website:


Sports Premium funding 2017/18

The government provides additional funds and support for the provision of Physical Education in Primary Schools.
At Hutton Rudby Primary School, we support healthy living as an integral part of our school ethos and values and the sports premium helps us to introduce children to new sports and to become more skilled in those sports we come across every day. We know that sports in themselves do not just deliver physical benefits, they help children to learn to be disciplined, to take turns (good sportsmanship), to struggle and to strive to do their best. Children are often more prepared to do this in an outdoor or sports environment than in the classroom. We realise the need to utilise these characteristics and strive to investigate ways to transfer them to the classroom. The social aspects of sport are immensely beneficial to all children and confidence and wellbeing can develop from taking part in physical activities. However, some children do not enjoy physical activity; we will continue to find ways to inspire these children to take part.
At Hutton Rudby Primary School our goals are:

• For all children to take part in regular and structured physical activity and enjoy doing so
• For children’s skills and competence in physical activity to grow
• To increase participation
• To embed the idea of regular exercise as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle

Our allocation of Sports Premium funding for the financial year 2017/18 amounts to £8860

Breakdown of costs March 2017 – September 2017
March 2017 – September 2017 Sports Premium Funding £8860
Activity Cost
Transport £1652
Lynn Dury Sports Coaching £925
DF Coaching £1400
New Equipment and Resources £617.56
Association for PE £100
Wheel Education £1900 Program delivered in Autumn/Spring
Sports week

Wheelchair Basketball  £150
Laser Shooting £100
Jazz dancing £120
Modern dance £90
Inflatable Volleyball £425
Yoga bugs £200
Bushcraft £60
Archery £60
Skip 2 be fit £380



Hutton Rudby Primary School PE and Sport Overview 2017-2018

Our Physical Education Curriculum is delivered through agreed programmes of study for primary school children and is organised to incorporate our local partnership of schools sporting competitions and events. Below is our overview for PE. All children must be participating in two hours of planned physical education each week. As shown each year group will undertake two units of Physical Education per half term. This ensures that a wide range of physical skills are taught.

Whole School Events for Autumn Term 2017
Box2bfit and CPD after school Tuesday 26th September

Key Stage 2 PE and Sport Overview
• Use running, jumping, catching and throwing in isolation and in combination
• Play competitive games applying basic principles
• Develop flexibility & control in gym, dance & athletics
• Take part in Outdoor & Adventurous activities
• Compare performances to achieve personal bests
• Swimming proficiency at 25m (Swimming Provision every Tuesday morning for Y3/4 in Autumn term)

Year 5 and Year 6

Autumn Term

Invasion Skills Tag Rugby Year 6 Monday 9th October/ Invasion Games Football Year 6 Boys Thursday 2nd November
Cross Country Year 5 and Year 6 Monday 16th October
Cross Country Year 5 and Year 6 Monday 16th October
Dance / Fitness
Spring Term
Gym Year 5 and Year 6 Key steps Gym Wednesday 24th January
Net/Wall Games Netball / Hockey Sportshall Athletics Year 6 Tuesday 5th December
Netball Year 6 Thursday 1st March
Quicksticks Year 6 Friday 23rd March
Summer Term
Striking and Fielding (Rounders / Cricket ) Tennis / Cricket/ Swimming Gala Year 6


Year 3 and Year 4
Autumn Term
Invasion Games Tag Rugby Y3 Friday 22nd September Cross Country Year 5 and Year 6 Monday 16th October
Invasion Games Hockey
Spring Term
Gym / Dance Year 3 and Year 4 Key steps Gym Wednesday 24th January
Net/Wall Games Tennis/ Year 4 Dodgeball Festival Thursday 8th February
Year 4 Quicksticks Monday 5th March
Summer Term
Striking and Fielding / Cricket / Aqua Splash

Key Stage 1 PE and Sport Overview
Master basic movement e.g. running, jumping, throwing, catching, balance, agility and coordination
Participate in team games
Perform dances using simple movement

Year 1 and Year 2
Autumn Term
Ball Skills Invasion Games Multi Skills Year 1 Wednesday 4th October
Spring Term
Net Games
Gymnastics Year 2 Key steps Gym Wednesday 24th January
Summer Term
Games /Striking and Fielding Year 2 Rounders

EYFS Physical Development
Activities to include Games, Dance and Gym Multi Skills Wednesday 21st February


Extra-Curricular Sports Activities
Autumn Term 2017


Activity Day/time Year group
Dance  Monday after school KS2
Gymnastics  Tuesday after school KS1
Gymnastics  Friday after school KS2
Football  Tuesday after school Year 5/6
Football TBC after school KS1
Table Tennis  Thursday after school Year 4/5/6
Multi Sports  Monday after school KS1


Sustainable Travel Ambassadors

In 2017/18 we are excited to be working with Wheel Education, to not only promote a healthy lifestyle, but to also educate our children on road safety. Therefore, we will be introducing Sustainable Travel Ambassadors into school!

What is a Sustainable Travel Ambassador?

STA’s work in a small team with a cycling officer from Wheel Education on a project. The project will be something that the pupils feel will benefit the school and the surrounding area. This could be something that is a safety concern, an environmental concern or perhaps both! For the children of Hutton Rudby Primary School, our STA’s will be working with the officers from Wheel Education to educate our local community upon the dangers of driving vehicles too fast close to our school and the importance of safe parking around our school.

What makes a good Sustainable Travel Ambassador?

STA’s need to be able to work as part of a team and be willing to put their ideas forward. Each project will be developed across the school year so STA’s must be patient and focused. STA’s will be encouraging others to make the right choices in how they travel; ideally, they would be someone who either walks, cycles or scoots to school.

What do you need to do to become a Sustainable Travel Ambassador?

Our children will have to apply to the position of STA by completing an application form and tell us why they would make a good STA!


In summary, the Sports Premium Funding will be used to increase activity levels, health and wellbeing of all pupils. The coaching sessions will provide opportunities to increase pupils’ participation and raise their achievement. Ongoing teacher assessments, session observations and monitoring procedures are in place to gauge pupil progress and the impact that Sports Funding is having across our whole school.

2016/17 proved to be a great year at Hutton Rudby Primary School and we are looking forward to 2017/18!


To view PE and Sports Premium Funding provided in previous years, please click below to download the full document.

PE and Sport Premium Funding

Sports England
Osted Outstanding
ICT Mark
Healthy Schools
Active Mark
Arts Council
The FA

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