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Year 6 2019/20

Self Isolation

Here you will find regular updates about what the children in school have been learning, with pdf resources to have a go at. Don’t forget that Reading Plus, SATs Companion and Times Tables Rockstars can be accessed from home at any time. Pobble365 offers a picture a day that can act as a stimulus for writing. It also gives a story starter to inspire the children to write, the chance to improve sentences and questions, which help with their comprehension skills.

We have gathered many other education websites in our Learning Zone. These cover a wide range of topics and subjects, and cover all primary ages.

The Swaledale Alliance, a network of teaching schools that we work closely with, has provided a useful list of educational resources as well, these can be found here

Feel free to contact your class teacher using Class Dojo for any help or support you may need, or to send some work through that your child has done at home!

***The homework section below will be updated on a regular basis with class specific resources and teacher assistance.***

Below are some of our favourite resources which have been updated / offered for free at this challenging time.

Quick Links

For PE, Joe Wicks is offering one PE session each weekday on his YouTube channel at 9am.

For English, the Grammarsaurous YouTube channel offers lots of singalong videos explaining grammatical terms for all ages.

For Maths, Sumdog are offering free subscriptions. This is a fun resource to use alongside MyMaths & Times Tables Rockstars.

For Science, Twinkl offer brilliant resources for free.

To help with mental health and wellbeing we recommend Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube and the Peace Out Guided Relaxation video.

Bewerley Park, the outdoor activities centre our Year 6s visit each year, are giving daily tasks to keep children active and outdoors. They can be found on Facebook & Instagram

***Popular resource websites Classroom Secrets and Twinkl are also offering all of their resources for free. These cover the entire curriculum and are used regularly in school. Please have a look.

For Twinkl you will need to sign up using the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS      ***

Self Isolation Home Learning

Here you will be able to find resources from our current and future topic to read and work with at your own pace. 

Y6 Frozen Kingdom fun facts_compressed

Y6 Frozen Kingdom knowledge organiser_compressed

Y6 Blood Heart fun facts_compressed

Y6 Blood Heart knowledge organiser_compressed

Mental Health Resources – UPDATED WEDNESDAY 13th MAY

Here you can find some useful resources to help foster conversations with your children about their mental health and wellbeing during what is, and continues to be a strange and potentially frightening time for children and adults alike. This lesson from the PSHE association is all about feelings and emotions and will help children recognise different feelings about things and situations, and will explain who can help them with their feelings. 

This resource is a great starting point to check in with your kids on how they are feeling about the current situation. If you want to talk about anything at all regarding your child’s education, their mental health or anything at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me on Class Dojo or via email.

Mental health (Year 5-6 ) – Home learning lesson- FINAL

Resource 1 worksheet – Activities for health

Resource 2 worksheet – Helpful for Mental Health List

Y6 Home Learning – updated regularly

Year 6 Leavers Ceremony – You are invited!

Please get your memories in to me asap if you are not going to in school on Thursday 16th July so that they can still be included in the show!


Summer Reading Challenge

Hutton Rudby Reads Summer Reading Challenge


 Thursday 18th June – reflection

Friday 12th June – LIFE Writing Prompt


Wednesday 10th June – Introducing: LIFE, The Game

This game has taken Y6 by storm in school, and now it’s your chance to try your hand at being a fully fledged grown up. the video explains everything, stick with it. You might need a little help from your parents on this one. There are a few websites you need, they’re linked below. If you need a password to get to any of the spinny wheels, it is Johnson2805. Do not edit the wheels!!!!!!!

Family Situation Spinny Wheel


I forgot to say, each real time day (which represents a week in the game) you have a bad event or a good event, each cost money. To determine if you have a bad week or a good week (in the game) click here. If you get a bad event, you can record a sad face, if you get a happy event you can record a smiley face (or a smiley face for your children if the good event applies to them!) You want to finish the game in a few weeks with as many smiley faces as possible. You also get smiley faces if you manage to save money at the end of the month. 

Bad Events

Good Events 

Additional Money (only click this one once a real time week – remember you don’t have to accept the spin outcome of this, for example you don’t have to get a credit card… And if you do you will need to add 17% on to whatever you borrow)

Tuesday 9th June – Memories and a mention of the zoom quiz


Thursday 4th June – Things to think about + ZOOM QUIZ INFO



Tuesday 2nd June Maths 

Click here for the maths work that will be used in the live lesson – fingers crossed the technology works!

Tuesday 26th May – Bits n’ Bobs

Thursday 21st May – Writing


Tuesday 19th May – Maths, Writing, Darts


Thursday 14th May – A Letter to Write

Who are you grateful for?


Tuesday 12th May – Quick message from Penny & me.


Sunday 10th May

Little update

Thursday 7th May – A bit of maths

Hi everyone, thanks to those of you who have sent in your VE Day work already, there is some brilliant stuff being produced – well done! Here is a bit of a ‘from home’ darts challenge to get stuck in to! Good luck!


Monday 4th May – A little bit of everything PLUS THE RAP!

Thanks for this challenge Freya… I am challenging anybody in Year 6 who hasn’t rapped for us yet! I would also like to urge you to challenge Mr. Beckwith as, somehow, he has set this challenge for the school and managed to get away without having to rap a single bar yet!! 

Scroll down to find the videos you need. 

Click here for some WW2 recipes to try 

Friday 1st May – The battle continues…

Friday 1st May – The next level 


Tuesday 28th April – Mean Maths

Hello Year 6. It will be Wednesday by the time you see this, I’m sorry about that! First of all, thanks to Alanah for the brilliant rap video. The rest of you have a lot to live up to, I’m looking forward to seeing / hearing what you have got! Okay, on to the video. As I mention on camera, I would like for you to find the mean for each 3 darts Mr. Kelly & I throw. The mean is a common way of finding the average. If you can’t remember how to find the mean, you must add all of the numbers together, and then divide by the amount of numbers you have added (in this case, 3). So if I score a 3, a 2 and a 1 (as if!) then you will calculate 3+2+1… and then divide the answer by the amount of numbers you have added together, which is 3… So your calculation will be 6 divided by 3… Giving the answer of 2, so the mean / average score is 2. If you want to have a go at the Year 5 challenge about negative numbers as well, give it a go! If you do the Year 5 challenge,  have a go at writing a word problem for the various questions you are provided with. Enjoy 🙂


Monday 27th April – Challenge

Good luck…

Thursday 23rd April – Workout Challenge / Plea for help from Penny and me!

I rambled on a bit in this video, so here is a little recap…

  • Create a 30 minute workout
  • Let me know how long to do each exercise for
  • Let me know how long I am allowed to rest between exercises
  • Calculate how many calories each exercise burns using this website
  • Calculate how many calories the workout will burn overall
  • And I forgot to mention… Use this website to suggest a healthy meal that will help me re-fuel after my workout… I would like to eat roughly the same amount of calories as my workout burns!
  • And finally, don’t forget, you ned to be able to do the workout too, so don’t tell me to do a million press-ups if you haven’t done a million press-ups first!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with – you can send me the workout plan in whatever format you like! 

Miss Martin and Mrs Trevis’ rallying challenge!


Hello Year 6!

Wednesday 22nd April – Writing

Hello Year 6! Here is a little writing challenge for you. It’s a bit self indulgent, but I’d love to hear what you come up with!


Easter Holidays 

As this would have been the Easter holidays, I have collected together a range of creative EASTER ideas (click on the click to download the activities) you may wish to have a go of across the Easter holiday period. Please share with me anything you get up to on Class Dojo. I will keep posting English and Maths challenges for those of you who enjoy doing them! 

Have lots of fun and stay safe!

*NEW* ANSWERS for Ninja Grammar wc 3oth March: wc 6th April GPS NINJA – ANSWERS for Sentences Phrases and Clauses

Week Beginning 30th March


I know that a few of you are still struggling to connect with your child on Class Dojo. The vast majority of you are actually connected with your child, therefore, I would suggest you first trying logging in with your usual email and password – if this doesn’t work, then try resetting your password.  However, should you need it, I have found this helpful FAQ link from Class Dojo to support you in getting logged on. If you have lost your personalised log in code and cannot get logged in or connected with your child, then please contact me through school and I will send your personalised log in code. I hope that helps, Mrs H 🙂

Skills: Firstly, here are the answers to last week’s Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Ninja Skills Practice Book (the one you took home on Friday 20th March): wc 30th March GPS NINJA Word Classes – ANSWERS Here is the digital version of the booklet in case your child didn’t bring it home: wc 16th March GPS NINJA Word Class – Practice Book

This week, to keep your skills sharp, I have added the Sentence, Phrases and Clauses Ninja Skills Practice Book. You can access it by clicking on this link: wc 30th March GPS NINJA Sentences Phrases and Clauses – Practice Booklet 2 Answers to be revealed next week – good luck!

*WINNERS ANNOUNCED!* To help support you with keeping your multiplication skills sharp, I have set a new Battle of the Bands on TT Rockstars. This battle is boys vs girls. Which rock band will be crowned the winners, and which rock stars will be hailed the MVPs for their teams? You have 48 hours to complete this challenge – good luck!

A HUGE congratulations to the GIRLS who won the battle with 11,096 points! The MVPs for the winning team were: Hayley Turner, Flora Prophet and Axel Gray. Well done to the BOYS who earned a respectable 10,241 points. Your MVPs were: Nehemiah Kimball, Rainey Rox and Randolph McCrea. Class Dojos will be on their way to you all!

Previous learning archived – please ask Mrs Hopkin if you need anything again 🙂 

Year 6 Class Page 2020

Welcome to the brand new Year 6 page for this academic year! Year 6 is quite possibly one of the most memorable years at primary school as the children enter their final academic year before transitioning to secondary school.

In Year 6, the children are provided with incredible learning opportunities which engage and enthuse them in their learning and bring it to life! As well as an exciting and engaging curriculum, we work hard on resilience, dealing with changes as we grow up and preparing for the next phase in our lives. All our efforts in Year 6 are geared towards ensuring every child is given the opportunity to unlock their full potential and has an opportunity to shine.

Our year kicks off with a once-in-a-lifetime trip to France and Belgium to visit sites of the World War I battlefields. This trip provides the most memorable experience and platform for our topic ‘Fallen Fields’. During this topic, we explore: how different countries remember and celebrate their fallen; what life was like in the trenches for soldiers; what it is was like back on the home front; the role of women during WW1 and many other aspects inspired by the children’s own research and curiosity about the topic.

This year, after the autumn half-term holiday, we will be moving into our rehearsals for our Christmas production of Mary Poppins; Year 6 will take the lead in the performance working alongside Year 5. Both year groups are going to go ‘Time Travelling with Poppins’ and will look at the life before WW1 (the original film is set in 1910), the suffragette movement (Mrs Banks was a suffragette), the depression as it continued into 1935 (when the newest film is set), the swinging 60s  (when the first film was film

ed and released), and into modern day Britain (when the Mary Poppins Returns was filmed). Not only will the children be able to explore the changes in Britain from the start of the 20th Century to now, they will be able to hone and master their dramatic and musical skills as they take the stage to perform Mary Poppins Junior!

When the Year 6 children return to school in January we will be exploring our very relevant topic ‘Frozen Kingdom’. During this topic, we will develop children’s knowledge of polar regions. This topic will help teach children about the interconnections of this extreme ecosystem and how humans and animals seek to conquer it. A strong thread in this topic will be climate change and how we can seek to save our planet

– something the children showed they were very passionate about after listening to Greta Thunberg’s UN speech and TED Talk during a September assembly.

After the February half-term, the children will take on the amazing topic, ‘Darwin’s Delights’. They will develop knowledge of evolution and inheritance, and they will be taught about living things and their habitats, DNA and Darwin’s theory of natural selection.

To bring both of the above topics to life and provide memorable experiences for the children, we will be taking a trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, a huge conservation and welfare park with over 400 animals, many of whom are highly endangered or at risk of being endangered.

During the spring term, the Year 6 children are afforded the incredibly op

portunity to develop who they are as citizens and members of their community as they embark on weekly ‘Stepping Up’ PSHCE sessions. 

The summer term will take us on a journey of discovery as we combine the scientific learning of ‘Blood Heart’ and the digital phenomenon ‘Tomorrow’s World’. We have a very creative and unique hybrid of these two topics planned to engage and enthuse our learners as we take them on a journey of self-discovery during their final term as they prepare for the next step in their lives. With our science focus of ‘Blood Heart’, we will learn all about the human circulatory system and heart health as well as significant scientific discoveries. During our computing focus of ‘Tomorrow’s World’, we will learn about modern-day communication, including how to build a website, e-safety, and the movers and shakers in the world of technology.

As well as the above, the children will take part in their outdoor learning residential at Bewerley Park, North Yorkshire. This is an active and inspirational five day residential where the children will face and overcome many challenges. The children participate in a wide range of adventurous activities including: kayaking, beck scrambling, climbing and fell walking. The residential is one of the most memorable experiences our children encounter; it makes a positive difference to students’ character, resilience, self-belief and motivation. It is a fantastic programme which supports children in building positive, healthy attitudes and a growth mindset.

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