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Maths! Week commencing 14.9.20

This week in maths, we have been looking at sorting objects (by size, colour, type and position!)

Phonics! Week commencing 21.09.2020

This week in phonics, we are being introduced to Phase 5!

The sounds we are learning include:

Monday: ‘ay’ e.g. day, spray, staying

Tuesday: ‘ou’ e.g. out, trout, pouting

Wednesday: ‘ie’ e.g. lie, pies, tried

Thursday: ‘ea’ e.g. sea, meat, heating

Friday: ‘oy’ e.g. boy, toys, destroy

Tricky words we are learning this week are: ‘Oh’ and ‘their’

Maths week commencing 21.9.20

This week in maths, we are focussing on and consolidating our counting skills! This includes counting forwards, counting backwards, finding one more or one less than a given number, and representing numbers.

some activities you can do at home:

Hide and seek (counting down from different numbers)

Making/manipulating your own number lines and using them to count forwards and backwards.

Building towers

Card games (higher or lower card game, choose a card and count forwards or backwards starting from that card’s value.)

Action instructions, such as, jump one more than 7 times. How many times did you jump?”

English week Commencing 28.09.20

As part of our topic, (The Great Fire of London) we are focusing on our class book – Vlad and the Great Fire of London. This week, we are going to begin investigating the purpose of diaries, and the use of Samuel Pepys’ diary to teach us all about the Great Fire of London, with the aim of writing our own diary entries from the point of view of Boxton the rat! Additionally, we’re going to be doing some of our own baking with our very own Mary Berry Marriner! This is to consolidate the children’s knowledge of where, and how the fire started on Pudding Lane. We’re also going to be burying some precious possessions on our school field to dig them up next week and see how they’ve kept! Just like the people of London did in 1666!

Phonics week commencing 28.09.20

This week in phonics, we are recapping our phase 3 and newly learnt phase 5 graphemes, and are being introduced to 5 more! These include:

Monday: “ir” e.g. birthday, bird, sir

Tuesday: “ue” e.g. Sue, blue, glue

Wednesday: “ue” e.g. rescue, statue, cue

Thursday: “aw” e.g. saw, claw, lawn

Friday: “wh” e.g. when, which, wheel

Our tricky words are “Mr” and “people”

Maths week commencing: 28.09.20

This week in maths, we are still consolidating our counting skills and place value. This includes all of last week’s learning, including one-to-one correspondence, comparing objects and introducing “greater than” and “less than”.

Phonics week commencing 5.10.20

This week in phonics, we are recalling our phase 3 and newly learnt phase 5 graphemes and are being introduced to 5 more! These include:

Monday: ‘ph’ e.g. phew, elephant, dolphin

Tuesday: ‘ew’ (yoo) e.g. newer, jewels, stew

Wednesday: ‘ew’ (oo) e.g. grew, blew, sewer

Thursday: ‘oe’ e.g. Joe, tomatoes, goes

Friday: ‘au’ e.g. haunted, flaunt, Santa Claus

Tricky words: ‘looked’ ‘Mrs’

English week commencing 5.10.2020

This week in English, we are using our senses to think about what Boxton the rat would have seen, heard, smelt and felt during the Great Fire of London. We are going to continue planning, writing, reading and editing our diary entries focusing heavily on vocabulary, our senses and historically accurate facts.

Maths week commencing 5.10.2020

Monday: Introducing greater than, less than and equal to. (< > =)

Tuesday: Comparing numbers

Wednesday: Ordering objects

Thursday: Ordering numbers

Friday: Ordinal numbers

Year 1 Phonics Screening

As part of your child’s formal assessment, they will undergo a phonics screening test which will determine their ability to blend and read words. As part of this assessment, they are exposed to both Real words and “Alien words” (nonsense words). Below, I’ve attached examples of a mixture of real and alien words that contain different digraphs and trigraphs which you can practice at home with your child.

Phonics week commencing 12.10.2020 – This week is a very challenging week in phonics! We are learining out split-vowel digraphs! These are vowels that are split by another letter. for example: a_e in ‘snake’ ‘make’ and ‘bake’.

Monday: ‘ey’ (alternative grapheme to ‘ee’) e.g. ‘keys’ ‘monkey’ ‘honey’

Tuesday: ‘a_e’ (alternative grapheme to ‘ai’ and ‘ay’) e.g. ‘snake’, ‘make’ ‘bake’

Wednesday: ‘e_e’ (alternative grapheme to ‘ee’ ‘ea’ and ey’) e.g. ‘evening’ ‘Steve’ ‘extreme’

Thursday: ‘i_e’ (alternative grapheme to ‘igh’ and ‘ie’) e.g. ‘dive’ ‘survive’ ‘time’

Friday: ‘o_e’ (alternative grapheme to ‘oa’) e.g. ‘home’ ‘phone’ ‘bone’

Tricky words: ‘called’ ‘asked’

Maths week commencing 12.10.2020

Monday & Tuesday: Ordinal numbers (1st. 2nd, 3rd etc.) Good activities would be looking at the days of the week or months of the year! “What’s the 4th month of the year?” We’ve been incorporating our maths into our PE lesson today by running races and looking at who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

Wednesday: Using numberlines

Thursday: Part-whole model

Friday: Fact Families

English week commencing 12.10.2020

This week, we are finalising our diary entries! Following this, we’re going to dig up the cheese we buried last week, only to discover it’s missing?! BUT WHO STOLE THE CHEESE?! There will be a week of investigations leading up to the answer to that very question. The children examine clues and learn about the characteristics of a person who is willing to steal! We will then be producing our own ‘Wanted’ posters of the culprit! The game is afoot!

English week commencing 9.11.2020

Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to be looking at and creating our very own ‘What am I?’ riddles based on our topic – animals! Here, we will be looking at the use of question marks, the build up of sentences (capital letters, finger spaces, punctuation), the use of ‘and’ to extend our sentences, descriptive words to describe our animals for our clues and also linking it to our science by identifying which ‘group’ our animals belong to, e.g. birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians or fish.

Maths week commencing 9.11.2020

In maths, we have been looking at addition. Please see below for presentations and work sheets/problems you can complete with your child at home to help keep up if your child is in isolation or to help to consolidate your child’s learning at hime!

Maths wc: 16.11.2020 – Subtraction!

Please see below for ideas to help your child learn at home! 🙂

PhonicsThis half-term in phonics, we will have completed (and will continue to practise) the phase 5 graphemes/phonemes, the phase 5 tricky words, alternative graphemes and alternative pronunciations! Please see the videos below for more information and home learning! 🙂

Phase 5 graphemes/phonemes!

Phase 5 tricky words!

Alternative graphemes!

Alternative pronunciations

Maths WC 23.11.2020.

This week in maths, we are continuing to work on addition and subtraction within 10. Please see below for some resources you can use at home.

Phonics WC 23.11.2020

In phonics, we are consolidating phase 5 graphemes, tricky words, alternative pronunciations and alternative graphemes. Please see above for videos and resources for these! 🙂

English WC 23.11.2020

This week in English, we are building up to writing the familiar story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. This includes; sequencing the story, creating our own settings and verbally retelling the story in groups, identifying the main characters and writing the story

Maths WC 30.11.2020

In maths this week, we are still focussing on addition and subtraction. Please see below for our presentation and resources.

Phonics WC 30.11.2020

This week in phonics, we are continuing to recap already learned sounds, spellings of alternative graphemes and how to spell the tricky words – ‘oh’ and ‘their’.

English WC 30.11.2020

We are continuing with our story writing of the Three Little Pigs and then we will be concentrating on our Christmas Nativity! Lot’s of speaking, listening and performing!


Week Beginning Monday 7th December 2020


Phase 2 High Frequency wordsDownloadPhase 3 High Frequency wordsDownloadWords and Sentences including 2 syllable wordsDownload


https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08r41qb/numberblocks-series-2-ten-green-bottles1 to 20 number lineDownload100 squareDownload


In our topic lessons this week we are in full on Christmas mode! We will be dressing up as characters from the Nativity and practising our Christmas song ‘It was on a starry night.’ We will also be making calendars to bring home ready for new year as well as designing our own Christmas plate ready for our Christmas party. Is is sure to be another busy and fun packed week in Reception.

Week Beginning Monday 30th November 2020


Words and Sentences containing taught soundsDownloadPhase 2 and 3 Sound MatDownloadPhase 2 to 5 Tricky Word MatDownloadPhase 2 High Frequency WordsDownloadPhase 3 High Frequency WordsDownload


https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08q39b4/numberblocks-series-2-just-add-one10 FrameDownload


This week in our ‘Let’s Celebrate’ Topic our attention turns to Advent and Christmas. Our tree is already up in our classroom so we are ready for 3 weeks of fun and celebration! This week we will be learning about Advent and the Christmas Story and will begin to learn some Christmas Songs and begin to think about our Christmas crafts too. Keep checking back for updates on this.

Please see below an example of the Christmas Story:The Christmas StoryDownload

Week Beginning Monday 23rd November 2020


Phase 2 High Frequency WordsDownloadPhase 3 High Frequency WordsDownloadWords and Sentences containing Set 1-7 Sounds and consonant digraphsDownload



https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08phr1g/numberblocks-series-2-tenOrdering numbers to 10DownloadRepresenting numbers to 10 in different waysDownload


In topic this week we will spend time looking at how we can celebrate ourselves and what makes us special. We will spend time learning how to talk about ourselves and others in positive ways. Children will also have chance to discuss their abilities and talents.

Week Beginning Monday 16th November 2020


Words and Sentences containing Set 1-7 SoundsDownloadPhase 2 and 3 Sound MatDownloadPhase 2 to 5 Tricky Word MatDownload


10 FrameDownload





In our ‘Let’s Celebrate’ topic this week we are focussing on Diwali. We will learn about Diwali (see below for one of the videos we will be watching in class). We will compare it to other celebrations and festivals and will look at how it is similar and different to other celebrations we have learnt about so far. We will be making our own lamps and Rangoli patterns and learning about other customs and traditions.


Week Beginning Monday 9th November 2020


Phase 2 and 3 Sound MatDownloadPhase 2 to 5 Tricky Word MatDownloadWords and Sentences containing Set 1-6 SoundsDownload


https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08dr1l3/numberblocks-series-1-the-whole-of-me5 FrameDownloadPart Whole Model for MathsDownloadNumber Bonds to 5 activity bookletDownload


In our topic this week we will be looking at Remembrance. We will learn about the significance of the Poppy as a symbol of Remembrance and also why it is important to remember. On Wednesday the children will take part in a silence, which we feel is very important even though the children are very young. You may wish to take the opportunity this week if you haven’t already to discuss these things with your children.

Week Beginning Monday 2nd November 2020


Phase 2 Sound MatDownloadPhase 2 tricky word matDownloadPhase 2 Captions from Letters and SoundsDownloadPhase 2 Assessment OutlineDownload


Days of the week and months of the year matDownloadMaking a Jam SandwichDownloadMeasuring time activity ideasDownload


Our new topic this half term is called ‘Let’s Celebrate’. During this topic, the children will learn about different types of celebrations, festivals, acts of remembrance and learn all about advent and Christmas. If you have any resources or skills or knowledge that might help support us with this topic please let me know!

This week we will be discussing with children about their own experiences of celebrations (for example what they might have done for their last birthday or Halloween). We will be joining in with Joe Wicks’ Halloween special in PE and making decorations ready for our Bonfire Night/Halloween day on Thursday. Don’t forget to dress up!

Week Beginning Monday 19th October 2020


Words containing Set 1-5 Sounds and Phase 2 SentencesDownloadPhase 2 Sound MatDownloadPhase 2 tricky word matDownload


https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ordering-and-sequencing/caterpillar-orderingBlank Five FrameDownload


In topic this week we are going to be reflecting on our learning from the half term and looking at what we have learnt about ourselves, our school and our rules and routines. We are also going to have a little celebration/party on Monday for Miss Martin’s birthday to make up for some of the experiences of parties some of the children might miss. We will play some traditional party games, make some birthday cards and enjoy some cake!

Week Beginning Monday 12th October 2020


Phase 2 Sound MatDownloadWords and captions containing Set-1-4 SoundsDownloadPhase 2 tricky word matDownload

The children in Reception are now bringing home worded reading books liked to their developing knowledge of sounds so as well as working on this weeks sounds and words they will also have their worded book to read to practise their sentence level reading. Please see the video below for a guide to this.



In in ‘This is me’ sessions this week we will be exploring skills that will help us in life. In PE we will be looking at different types of movement for example hopping, jumping, skipping. We will be also exploring some simple ICT and working on our cutting and making skills. At home you may also want to practise these skills too. Remember you can use the ‘Look what I’ve been doing sheets or Class Dojo to share this with us!

Week Beginning Monday 5th October 2020


Phase 2 Sound MatDownloadPhase 2 flashcards for revisitDownloadWords-containing-Set-1-3-SoundsDownload



Odd One Out


Our Topic this half term is ‘This is Me’ We have been learning about ourselves and our new school and we have looked at where we come from and also what we want to be when we grow up. This week we are looking at healthy bodies and minds! We will be making smoothies and learning about how to relax. We will also be learning about different types of exercise and its effect on our bodies. As always we love hearing what you are doing at home. Perhaps this week you might like to try a new food and tell us all about it or perhaps you like a particular type of exercise or sport you want to tell us all about. Remember you can use the ‘Look what I’ve been doing sheets or Class Dojo to share this with us! Look What I’ve Been DoingDownload

Week Beginning Monday 28th September 2020


Word cards for s-a-t-p-i-nDownloadWords containing Set 1 and 2 SoundsDownload


Identifying Numicon shapesDownload

Week Beginning Monday 21st September 2020



Letters and Sounds Programme DocumentPhase 2 Sound MatDownloadPhase 2 Flashcards to revisit soundsDownload



Embedding…5 Principles of CountingDownloadKey Representations in Early MathematicsDownload5 FramesDownload

Week Beginning Monday 14th September 2020


Embedding…I spy Initial SoundsDownloadPictures for oral blending and segmentingDownload





Welcome Back and Information for Parents

Guide to first reading books in ReceptionDownload



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