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Year 5

Self Isolation

Summer Reading Challenge


Hutton Rudby Reads Summer Reading Challenge

Year 5 Home Learning

Here you will find regular updates about what the children in school have been learning, with pdf resources to have a go at. Don’t forget that Reading Plus, MyMaths and Times Tables Rockstars can be accessed from home at any time. Pobble365 offers a picture a day which can act as a stimulus for writing. Pobble365 gives a story starter to inspire the children, the chance to improve sentences and questions which help with their comprehension skills. If you want a challenge, have a go at our Long Multiplication Challenge. 

Don’t forget the zeros!!


Spelling resources will be loaded here on a weekly basis. The resource focuses on specific rules and will suggest activities for the children to do to help them learn their spellings. Parents can help by ensuring the children understand the meaning of the words, and encouraging children to use them in sentences. 

Sports Challenge

Wednesday 1st July

Thursday 25th June – Writing

Tuesday 23rd June – Area & Perimeter

Click here to for reasoning questions

Monday 22nd June – Maths & Art

Thursday 18th June – writing prompt

Friday 12th June Maths Challenge

What a lovely picture YouTube chose to represent me in this video! 😐

Wednesday 10th June

10 6 20 spellings

Monday 8th June

Have a go at making your own stories using the spelling words.

Wednesday 3rd June Maths

You will need to multiply and divide by 10s, 100s and 1000s – don’t forget, the digits move as many place value places as there are zeros on the 10, 100 or 1000!

Click here for length problems

Click here for mass problems

Monday 1st June


Tuesday 26th May – Spellings and MORE

Thursday 21st May – Writing

Tuesday 19th May Maths, Writing, Darts

Monday 18th May – Schofield and Sims

18.05.20 MATHS Green – Section 3 – Tests 5 – 8 (questions and answers)

18.05.20 MATHS  Blue – Section 3 – Tests 5 – 8 (questions and answers)

18.05.20 MATHS Brown – Section 3 – Tests 5 – 8 (questions and answers)

18.05.20 MATHS Purple – Section 3 – Tests 5 – 8 (questions and answers)

18.05.20 MATHS Pink – Section 3 – Tests 5 – 8 (questions and answers)

18.05.20 MATH Grey – Section 3 – Tests 5 – 8 (questions and answers)

Thursday 15th May – New Spellings and a new English task

Sorry this one is a little late. Here are the spelling resources: THURS 14 MAY Spellings ough ow oh

Sunday 10th May Spellings and more

Thursday 7th May – Maths – Darts Challenge

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve been having fun with your VE Day activities from Monday. I would love to see some of the stories that you have completed, or the artwork that you have created! Here is a bit of a ‘from home’ darts challenge – good luck!

Monday 4th Mary – A little bit of everything!

I forgot to mention here, a new TTRS challenge will be set today!

Click here for the commas work

Click here for some WW2 recipes

Thursday 30th April – Spellings

30 4 20 ough aw

Tuesday 28th April – Maths – Negative Numbers

Sorry for the lack of video yesterday everybody! Here is a lovely bit of maths for you to make up for it. As I explain in the video, I would like you to have a go at subtracting large numbers from smaller numbers, putting your knowledge of negative numbers to the test. I would really recommend using a number line to begin with to help with if you have any doubts about negative numbers. Another challenge that I would like you to have a go with, is writing word problems for some of the calculations that you find in the video. If you want to have a go at the Year 6 task here and find the mean of each of our attempts, then feel free! Enjoy 🙂

Friday 24th April- Spelling Test

Thursday 23rd April – Maths Negative Numbers & Exercise Challenge

Click here for some Negative Numbers reasoning questions. There are plenty of graph based questions, so your graph reading skills will be tested too – remember to go along the corridor and up the stairs… Along the x axis and up the y axis… In that order!

Penny & I have a request below:

I rambled on a bit in this video, so here is a little recap…

  • Create a 30 minute workout
  • Let me know how long to do each exercise for
  • Let me know how long I am allowed to rest between exercises
  • Calculate how many calories each exercise burns using this website
  • Calculate how many calories the workout will burn overall
  • And I forgot to mention… Use this website to suggest a healthy meal that will help me re-fuel after my workout… I would like to eat roughly the same amount of calories as my workout burns!
  • And finally, don’t forget, you ned to be able to do the workout too, so don’t tell me to do a million press-ups if you haven’t done a million press-ups first!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with – you can send me the workout plan in whatever format you like! 

Wednesday 22nd April – Writing

Bit of a self-indulgent writing challenge here, but we should address the elephant in the room / on my head! 

Monday 20th April – New Spelling Words

Prizes for anyone who can guess what I got up to this weekend!

Friday 17th April – Spellings & Rounding

Enjoy your spelling test! New spelling words will be uploaded soon!

Rounding recap below:

Here are your rounding questions – as I mentioned in the video, try getting some numbers from your family, round them to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 and 1,000,000!

Wednesday 15th April – Rollercoasters!

Do you know all of the forces that are acting upon a rollercoaster? I wonder if you can find out, and even describe how all of these forces effect the rollercoaster. 

Saturday 11st April – Challenge Words Spelling Test & Lesson

Thursday 9th April – Maths – Fractions challenge

Add up each three darts, then find 1/4, 1/8 and 6/10 of the total! Good luck!

 Tuesday 7th April – Maths – Adding Fractions

This video is all about adding fractions, however I have included questions about adding and subtracting fractions – the children will hopefully remember that the principles are exactly the same… But if they don’t you can always remind them 🙂 As always, any questions or examples of work are welcome on Class Dojo or my email. 

Addition questions

Fraction subtraction easier

Fraction subtraction more difficult – for some of these questions the children might have to convert mixed numbers into improper fractions in order to complete the calculation.

Reasoning questions for addition and subtraction of fractions. These get quite tricky and require the use of a few skills that we have looked at so far. 

Monday 6th April – English – Improving sentences

Don’t forget, you can send me updates on Class Dojo, or via email. I would love to hear about what you are getting up to, both academically and otherwise!

Saturday 4th April – Maths – Fractions & New Topic

Fluency Improper-Fractions

Reasoning & Problem Solving Improper-Fractions

Friday 3rd April – Maths 

Today we are finding fractions of amounts. The key thing to remember is to divide by the denominator and multiply by the numerator! Questions are below… Enjoy!

Fractions of amounts list of questions (this might be sideways, sorry if it is. Today has been plagued by IT issues and turning this document round was a bridge too far!)

Fractions of amounts Reasoning

Fractions of amounts fluency

Thursday 2nd April – Spellings

Here is a lovely, intergalactic spelling test for you to have a go at. I have also put up next weeks spellings – it is a challenge week! A new maths video will go up tomorrow. 

Your new spellings:

challenge words

Wednesday 1st April – Fractions

Good afternoon everybody! We are going to have a look at equivalent fractions today. There are activities underneath this video for you to have a go at. Any problems, give me a message on Dojo and I’ll get back to you asap! PS. Sorry about the extreme closeup! 

Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions Reasoning / Problem Solving

SATs Style Fractions Questions – these get harder as they go along.

Monday 30th March – Spellings – Silent letters within words. Mental Maths. Expanded Noun Phrases. 

Thanks for the shout out Guy!

Time to describe the character in your story! I would like you to have a go at using expanded noun phrases to describe this character. Remember, a expanded noun phrase is only part of the sentence, not the whole thing. It gives additional information about the noun you are describing. Also remember, that an expanded noun phrases do no include verbs! See if you can spot my deliberate mistake towards the end of the video. 

More mental arithmetic for you here as Mr. Kelly & Mr. Johnson return to the oche to battle it out once more. Keep adding up their scores and tell us who wins! 

For an additional challenge, keep taking away their scores from 500 and see who gets closer to zero. Good luck!

spellings 30.3.20 silent letters within

Saturday 28th March – Ancient Egypt Mummification Challenge

Afternoon everybody, bit of weekend fun for you here – a year or two ago we were visited by an Ancient Egyptian Embalmer. He was due to come in this year too, but social distancing says otherwise, so here is a snippet of what he did! You can learn more about the mummification process by watching this Horrible Histories video. You can also read up on it here. Once you have watched the videos and read up on embalming, why not have a go at creating your own mummification video and sending it in! If you don’t fancy embalming someone today, you could always have a go at embalming an orange (if you have all of the ingredients!)

Mr. Kelly’s Skill School

The challenge has been set by the Kelly family. Have a go at these skills and show us how you do!

Darts Report

Thanks Isaac for not only keeping track of our scores, but also compiling a fantastic newspaper report on our darts match – I have to say, I’m massively disappointed in the final scores! Click here for Isaac’s fantastic report.

Friday 27th March Writing Prompt, Multiplication & Division

Good morning all! I’m looking forward to hearing about the creative ways you describe what you can see out of your window! Remember to try and start some sentences with an adjective to describe something in the sentence, e.g. “Broken, the fence had a hole at the bottom that was begging to be crawled through” Don’t forget the comma after your adjective! 

For maths, we are cracking on with the key skills. Have a go at the following multiplication and division questions, and the attached reasoning problems too.

Click here to find multiplication and division arithmetic questions. They get more difficult as they go on. 

Here are the reasoning questions. 

We are going to move on to fractions next week, so practise your times tables – we all know how important they are to fractions work! And don’t forget, wash your hands 🙂

Thursday 26th March – Mental Maths & a clue about tomorrow!

As well as the fantastic written maths calculations that I am sure you have all been doing (huuuuge round of applause for Rose S whose amazing work I have seen), it’s important that you keep your mental maths game strong. With that in mind, have a go at the challenge in this video. If you want an extra tough challenge, take each of mine and Mr. Kelly’s scores away from 500 (then the next score away from whatever the answer to that is) and see who ends up closer to zero!

Penny has had some ideas for tomorrow…

Tuesday 24th March – Maths & Writing

It is important that we have a purpose for writing, and right now we are living in historical times, so what better type of writing than a diary. One day, 100 years from now, a historian could be reading your diary learning about what life was like for the children who had to learn form home in the Spring of 2020! 

It’s really important that we don’t lose the key skills whilst not at school. With that in mind, I’ve uploaded an addition & subtraction video and some resources below. It’s mostly arithmetic, however there is some reasoning below too. 

Tue 24 Mar MATHS addition and subtraction

Tue 24 Mar MATHS addition and subtraction reasoning

Monday 23rd March – Spellings

Mon 23 Mar SPELLINGS silent letters at start


Our topic this term has been Pharaohs. Here you will find some resources and information that you and your child can have a look at to keep the learning going! Our next topic is Scream Machine, you’ll find some information about it here too.

Y5 Pharaohs fun facts_compressed

Y5 Pharaohs knowledge organiser_compressed

Y5 Scream Machine fun facts_compressed

Y5 Scream Machine knowledge organiser_compressed

Thursday 19th March

ENGLISH: This morning, we are writing letters, postcards and cards to elderly people, in residential home, who are in isolation and with restricted visitation from family members.

ART: We are making Mothers’ Day cards today! Be as creative as you want. Let those important people in your lives know how much you care! There are loads of ideas on Pinterest!

Wednesday 18th March

We will be looking at adding and subtracting fractions with the same and different denominators. To add and subtract fractions with different denominators it is important that the children understand how to find a common denominator.

Wed 18 Mar MATHS adding subtracting fractions y5 (1)

In addition to fractions, if you want a tricky challenge, you can try our Long Multiplication Challenge!

Good luck, and don’t forget those zeros!!

Today in English, we looked at the different features of information texts – we used this example text:

Wed 18th March ENGLISH Example Text can you find all the features?

In the second part of our lesson, we looked at writing interesting introductions which would encourage our readers to read on. After analysing them, we then drafted our own. Here are the example introductions we looked at: Wed 18th March ENGLISH Example Introductions

Tuesday 17th March

We have been looking at fractions so far this week, specifically multiplying fractions. The children will need to multiply the numerator (top number of the fraction) by the multiplier to create a top heavy fraction, and then see how many times the denominator (bottom number of the fraction) can go into the new numerator (numerator divided by denominator) to create a mixed number. 

Tue 17 Mar MATHS multiplying fractions

Tue 17 Mar MATHS multiplying fractions challenging

Today, in English, we used our prior knowledge and the fact files to collect interesting facts about: pharaohs, pyramids, The Nile and Tutankhamun. Using the activity sheet, we made notes about the four topics from Ancient Egypt ready for writing our own non-chronological reports.

Tues 17th March ENGLISH Activity Sheet

Tues 17th March ENGLISH Nile Factfile

Tues 17th March ENGLISH Pharaoh Fact File

Tues 17th March ENGLISH Pyramids Factfile

Tues 17th March ENGLISH Tutankhamun Factfile

Schofield and Sims – Weekly maths resources

We have included weeks 10, 11, 12 and end of unit worksheet which follows on from where we were up to in school. Children are to continue with the same book / colour they were working on in class. We complete 1 of these sheets a week in school, children are welcome to try the next level book if they are feeling confident with their work.

S&S book1 GREEN

ANSWERS S&S book1 GREEN – answers

S&S book2 BLUE

ANSWERS S&S book2 BLUE – answers

S&S book3 BROWN

ANSWERS S&S book3 BROWN – answers

S&S book4 PURPLE

ANSWERS S&S book4 PURPLE – answers

S&S book5 PINK

ANSWERS S&S book5 PINK – answers

S&S book6 GREY

ANSWERS S&S book6 GREY – answers

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