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Welcome to our Home Learning page, Year 4!

I will be posting updates about homework and everything we will be learning on a weekly basis. I can’t wait for a fantastic year with you all!

Miss Templeman 🙂

Week beginning 14th September…


Here is the Romulus & Remus video for your comic strips!


I have attached the recent Schofield and Sims entry test which we have recently attempted. Please practice some questions which you find difficult. Please do not worry! These are all the things we will be covering in Maths this year.

Week beginning 21st September…

Remember to keep using Reading Plus and Times Tables Rock Stars at home. Your usernames and passwords should be in your Home Diary. For Reading Plus, the site code is rphutto1 .


This week in English, we are writing a diary entry as Servius Felix, an 18-year old Roman soldier. Watch the video until 2 minutes, this will tell you about Servius and his typical day as a Roman soldier.

After watching this video, I would like you to complete the diary entry plan below. You are pretending to be Servius Felix. You should include his feelings at every point of this plan. Remember to do this in first person, in the past tense as you are telling me about your day.

Once you have completed your plan, you can begin writing your diary entry. Remember, you must start your diary entry with ‘Dear Diary,’ then start with your Introduction paragraph.

I have attached a checklist below which you can use to help you in your writing!


This week we are focusing on Roman numerals.

Can you write 1 to 10 in Roman numerals?

Can you write the 10 times table up to 100 in Roman numerals?

Once you have found these, try and complete these calculations below.

Week beginning the 27th September…

Remember to keep using Reading Plus and Times Tables Rock Stars at home. Your usernames and passwords should be in your Home Diary. For Reading Plus, the site code is rphutto1 .

I have attached the link to download this weeks spellings.


This week in English, we are focusing on Queen Boudicca! Boudicca is one of the most well-known female warriors in British history. In 60AD she led her Iceni Tribe to battle the Roman Army in order to seek revenge and reclaim her land.

Watch these videos about Boudicca and see if you can answer the questions below.

  1. Why did Boudicca want revenge on the Roman Army?
  2. What does Boudicca look like?
  3. How would you describe Boudicca’s personality?
  4. What does Boudicca say to motivate the tribe to fight the Romans?
  5. What does Boudicca say to comfort the tribe about dying?
  6. What did the Iceni tribe use to put fear into the Romans before a battle?

Once you have completed these questions, we are going to try to write a character description about Boudicca.

Watch this video and draw two mind maps. Your first mind map will have ‘Boudicca’s personality’ in the middle. Your second mind map will have ‘Boudicca’s appearance’ in the middle. With a ruler, draw lines from each mind map and tell me, in as much detail as possible, about Boudicca’s personality and appearance. There is a template which you can use below!

Week beginning 5th October…

Remember to keep using Reading Plus and Times Tables Rock Stars at home. Your usernames and passwords should be in your Home Diary. For Reading Plus, the site code is rphutto1 .


This week in English, we are going to write our own persuasive speech. We are going to be Boudicca, persuading the Iceni Tribe to fight in the Battle of Watling Street. Watch the video above, including Boudicca’s speech to the Iceni Tribe.

Once you have watched the video, use this key to identify the features of the persuasive speech.

Now using this plan template and the techniques you have identified above, plan your own persuasive speech as Boudicca.


This week we are focusing on Addition and Subtraction with 4 digit numbers. I have set up two online assessments on which will allows myself to access the necessary data to assess the children’s attainment levels. Please message me on ClassDojo if you need your login!


This week in Topic, we are designing and constructing our own Roman shields! If you haven’t managed to join us in school for this, why not try to design one at home? Here are some designs which you could use for some inspiration!

Week beginning 12th October…

Remember to keep using Reading Plus and Times Tables Rock Stars at home. Your usernames and passwords should be in your Home Diary. For Reading Plus, the site code is rphutto1 .


Here is an advert to join the Roman Army. Can you make your own Roman advert?

Can you answer these questions about the advert above?

1. What is one of the benefits of joining the Roman Army?

2. Can you think of two other benefits of joining the Roman Army?

3. Identify and copy both rhetorical questions used in the advert.

4. Identify two techniques the writer has used to make this advert stand out to the reader.

5. Give one word to describe how the man wearing a toga feels about Roman soldiers.

6. What is the main message of this advert?

7. Where can the reader go to sign up as a Roman soldier?

Can you sort these statements into the table?

Buy one, get one free!

Whilst stocks last.

The Moon orbits the Earth.

Once upon a time…

Do you want bright, white teeth?

Cut along the dotted line.

Dear Grandma…

Sale ends at midnight!

Snow closes local schools!

This roaring, red, racing car is the must have toy of the year.

“What do you want for tea?” asked Mum.

Cool trainers designed for cool kids!

The tangy, orange flavour will tickle your taste buds.

Week beginning 19th October…


This week in English we are focusing on Instruction Writing!

In every set of instructions, there are lots of imperative (bossy) verbs and time conjunctions.

For example, an imperative verb may be: mix, place, bake, combine…

A time conjunction may be: Firstly, Next, Secondly, After That, Then…

a) Underline the imperative (bossy) verbs in the text below.

b) Circle the time conjunctions in the text below.

We are going to create our own edible Roman Roads this week! Can you follow these instructions to create your own edible Roman Road at home?

Can you see how your Roman Road looks like this diagram?

Instructions to make an edible Roman road - Beal Vale Primary School

Now you have tried to create your own Roman Road, can you write your own set of instructions yourself? Make sure you include a set of ingredients and equipment which I will need!


Year 4 have been working so hard with their addition and subtraction with 4 digit numbers.

Try the following questions below.

Year 4 have had a fantastic half term and everyone has worked so hard. I feel so lucky to be their teacher! I hope you all have a lovely time off school and I am already looking forward to seeing you all in November!

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