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This page will now be updated weekly with homework. This will always include spellings and some work. There will also be longer term topic work which will be set periodically. Sometimes this work will be set in the form of videos, sometimes worksheets will be uploaded, and the spellings will be listed as they are below (update 12.3.21 having spoken to the class, they have told me they would rather homework be written up on here, so there will only be videos in cases where something complicated needs explaining and I can’t get the message across in text!). If members of the class need to isolate, they will be invited to tune in to our lessons live on zoom. If this is not possible we can discuss alternative arrangements such as videos uploaded to here / Class Dojo. If anyone has any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me on Dojo.

Friday 16th April Spellings:











There is also work on

Friday 26th March Spellings:











Friday 12th March Homework

First of all, thanks for a fantastic first week back! Everybody has been brilliant. There is work on to have a go at. Here are the spellings for this week:











Friday 5th March

Spelling words:

Tuesday 2nd March

Monday 1st March

There is also work on

Friday 26th February

Thursday 25th February

Not sure what happened with the recording of the English session, but here is the spectacular piece of artwork that I created during the session:

Wednesday 24th February

Tuesday 23rd February

Monday 22nd February

Here is today’s maths, there is also work on

Friday 12th February

This week’s spelling words to learn:











Tursday 11th February

Wednesday 10th February

Tuesday 9th February

Monday 8th February

Thursday 4th February

Are there any situations that they think are unfair in the world? How would applying the quotes or principles of Gandhi help?
Choose one of the situations that you have discussed and split a piece of A4 paper into 3 pieces.
Draw a picture of their situation on the top third of the paper. Use speech bubbles or a short description to help describe clearly what is happening in the picture. In the middle of the paper ask them to write a quote from Gandhi that would help to improve the situation. If anyone cannot find a suitable quote they could describe how they think Gandhi would have improved the situation. At the bottom of the piece of paper ask them to draw the improved situation.

“In a gentle way you can shake the world.”
“If all Christians acted like Christ, the whole world would be Christian.”
“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
“An eye for an eye and everyone shall be blind.”
“Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love.”

Here are the spellings:











Wednesday 3rd February


  1. Scenario cards – match the uncomfortable feelings to the most appropriate suggestion to help.
  2. Design a poster to help others keep a healthy mind.
  3. Complete the healthy heart activity sheet with ways to keep your and others’ minds healthy

Tuesday 2nd February

Session 2 tasks:

  1. The Dream – make a poster explaining what your big dream is – think aobut the lifestyle you want, the house, job, car, family, holidays and anything else that you can think of. Dream big!
  2. The Path – how are you going to get there? What qualifications do you need? Where do you need to go to get those qualifications? This one might take a bit of research!
  3. The Obstacles – what obstacles might you face on the path to your dream? How are you going to overcome them? Write this all in a table and then when you face these obstacles you will be able to overcome them!

We are looking at all things mental health week today, so our activities are slightly different!

Monday 1st February

You can find today’s maths work below. There is also work available on

English won’t be uploaded today as it is just a series of discussions in small groups – breakout rooms don’t make for good recordings but they do make for good lessons! The task, however, was to write the story that we have spent a couple of weeks working on. Please don’t forget to send it through.

Friday 29th January

Here are the spelling words:

lead (noun)

Thursday 28th January

Wednesday 27th January

  1. Ojos del Salado.
  2. Nevado Coropuna.
  3. Chimborazo.
  4. El Misti.
  5. Guagua Pichincha Volcano.
  6. Klyuchevskaya Sopka.
  7. Mount Shasta.
  8. Volcán Tajumulco.
  9. Cerro Azul.
  10. Haleakalā.

Above is a list of the 10 largest volcanoes in the world. Using Google Maps / Google Earth, locate them and mark on the world map where they are located. If they are in the Ring of Fire, mark them on that map too. I would also like you to colour code the vocanoes, one colour for active, one for dormant and one for extinct. A final task for you to do is to draw on and label the countries on the Ring of Fire map, and write in each country how many active volcanoes there are there.

If you would like to find more large volcanoes and place them on the maps, please, be my guest!

Tuesday 26th January

here is the example from the lesson

Monday 25th January

There is also some circles work live on

Friday 22nd January

Here are the spelling words for this week:


Thursday 21st January

There is, of course, work on, I would also like you to have a go at the arithmetic questions here, and if you are feeling up to the challenge, the trickier ones too.

Wednesday 20th January

Here is today’s maths work. There is also work on

Tuesday 19th January

There is work ready to go, and a worksheet on dividing fractions below. If you are confident that you can divide fractions successfully, I would like to see a poster created explaining how to add and subtract two fractions with different denominators.

Monday 18th January

Here is this afternoon’s science work:

Below, you will find the volcano description complete with some comprehension questions:

There is work on, as well as the work below:

Friday 15th January

This week’s spelling words:











Apologies for getting distracted towards the end – blame Sophie and Emilia! There is work on, and more challenging questions below:

Thursday 14th January

Wednesday 13th January

Below is the planning sheet for our English lesson this morning.

Here is some more volume work to be getting on with. Answers will be uploaded after the lesson has gone live.

Tuesday 12th January

Sorry about the technical difficulties in that one, thanks for sticking with me!
OK, here are the questions to think about when you present your facts about whichever country you choose in the Ring of Fire (remember, you can present the info however you want – poster, powerpoint, fact sheet, song, interpretive dance… It is really up to you!)

What is the population?
What is the weather like?
Which volcano(es) are there?
Are they active / dormant / extinct?
How tall / deep are they?
When did it last erupt?
Any other natural disasters there?
Who leads the country?
What kind of music is popular in the country / region?
What is the terrain like?
Is there any tourism? What?
What is the wildlife like there?
What is the country famous for?
What language do they speak?

Don’t forget to check the links below for more Ring of Fire info!

You might want to use these links for this afternoon’s work:

Ring of Fire 1

Ring of Fire 2

Ring of Fire 3

Here is a list of websites for you to use to identify some technical language linked with volcanoes. Remember to find out what the words mean, write a definition of them and try to use them in a sentence.

Easy Science For Kids

BBC BiteSized

National Geographic


Primary Homework Help

Have a go at the volume work on, if you find this to not be challenging enough, there are some more difficult questions below:

Monday 11th January

Check for some work, and below for more challenging questions.

Friday 8th January

In the live lesson this afternoon we will be watching video about tectonic plates. I’m aware of lagging issues, so I am going to put a link to the video here. If you are worried about lagging issues, feel free to mute our lesson when the video starts and then play the video on youtube on your own device. You can then unmute me when the video is finished and we will carry on. Having the link here is also going to be useful so that you can refer back to it later to help with your tasks.

This week’s spelling words to pop into sentences and learn for next Friday:


Hi everyone, for today’s maths we are going to be looking at calculating the area of a triangle. There are questions on to do after the lesson, and there are some tricky challenge questions attached to this post. Cya at 9!

Thursday 7th January

Here are the links that I tried to show you on Zoom:

Pangea World Map

I forgot to record the area and perimeter lesson (sorry), but log on to for the main bulk of the lesson and check below for the trickier problems.

The English lesson recorded, but because it features 10 minutes of A Perfect Planet, it has incurred a copywrite claim on YouTube – oops! Feel free to have a look on BBC iPlayer and watch the first ten minutes. The questions to answer are below.

Check Class Dojo for a quick thank you message and a little overview of what we will be doing tomorrow – Mr. J

Lockdown 2021

Good morning everybody! I hope you had a happy and healthy Christmas. Keep an eye on this page initially for uploaded work and videos. As we move to live lessons I intend to upload them to this page once they have concluded for those who could not make it to the lesson there and then, however having not attempted one yet I can’t say for certain how well that will work! If it doesn’t, there will be a recap video and resources posted here.

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